Identifying Agile Organisations, Functions and Roles

There currently seems to be a strong move towards agile software development. Engineering teams and I.T. departments are adopting one agile method or another. However the conversion of software teams, to agile, does not naturally result in the other areas of a company adopting an agile method of working. The question is why should other areas adopt an agile approach to work? The answers is simple - because it is important to 91% of CEOs who are looking at how their company’s will develop over the next 5 years.

Some departments and functions could improve their performance by working in an agile way, while it may not be at all suitable for others. Some departments and functions (in some companies) do work in an agile way but we probably don’t recognise it. While it would be totally inappropriate for others to even consider adopting an agile way of working.

This article is an introduction to a 10 part series on how Product Managers and Engineering teams could influence various aspects of a company to help them identify and/or adopt an agile approach to working. It is also important for technical people to be aware of how other departments operate - many jobs, positions & functions: CEO, Managing Director, COO, Sales, Marketing, Product Management etc... in Hi-Tech companies are performed by people who have strong technical/engineering backgrounds.

The areas that will be covered are as follows:
  1. Agile sales
  2. The agile chairperson or meeting co-ordinator
  3. Agile training
  4. Agile customer support
  5. Agile product marketing
  6. Agile for everyone
  7. Agile software testing
  8. Agile management
  9. Agile product manager
  10. Agile research

Being an agile company means that you’re a competitive company – being competitive increases your chances of an increased return on investment (ROI ). An increase in ROI means more investment in technology, training and research and ultimately to greater job satisfaction. Hope you enjoy and contribute to the series.

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