Part #8 Tips on being an Agile Manager

The agile manager must be able to constantly inspect and adapt in order to keep pace with a changing environment and capitalise on the changes as they occur. Here are 6 tips on ways in which you can inspect and adapt in order to improve the agility of your management and/or Product Management.

#1 Agile managers tend to have an understanding of what is coming up – this occurs either by information that is cascaded to them from the board or Chief Executives or by anticipating future directions of the company and/or the market place.

#2 Agile managers seek to know the 'strengths' and 'areas that need improving, (weakness) of their team and the teams they work with - whether it's a virtual team (if they are matrix managers - as in the typical agile Product Management role) or those who directly report to them.

#3 Agile mangers strive to be better thinkers: they have the capacity to hold two opposing ideas in their head at once and then be able, creatively, to resolve the tension between those two ideas by generating a new one that has elements of the others but are superior to both.

#4 Agile managers are adaptive managers, they put people before ideas – they value people and ensure that they are placed in the best position for them to succeed.

#5 Agile managers adapt themselves and their programme to ensure that they remove the obstacles that are either slowing down their team’s performance or preventing them from achieving company goals.

#6 Agile managers find out what their teams expect of them and they ensure that their teams know what is expected of them – they then seek to remove any areas of potential conflict between the two in order to ensure that there are no areas of ambiguity.

The world, the markets we operate in, the companies we work for are constantly changing – the agile manager must constantly adapt themselves and their teams to ensure that they continue to function successfully in the constant changing and turbulent environment.

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