Product Managers need to reduce and handle stress

What type of situations cause you stress?
How do you handle stress?
Stress can be a killer and every Product Manager and Project Mangers would have experienced during the course of their career. I was asked the question “How do you handle stress?” when I was being interviewed for a Product Mangers job at my current company and I have made it a point to ask the question of every Product Manager that I interview. Here are the reasons why.
It’s important that a product manager recognises the symptoms of stress learn how to cope with stress and have in place successful techniques for managing stress and be able to manage projects and/or product development in such a way as to reduce stress.
There are no real template answers to these questions – the key thing is to have strategies in place to deal with stress demonstrate that you recognise and are able to deal with it. Let’s face it, starting a new job can be stressful, the product and project managers job are ones where you lead with out authority often in a matrix management framework. Therefore you’re likely to have a lot of responsibility for delivery but very little if any direct reports or authority over the people you need to motivate to get the job done. No line manger what to hire someone and then see then burn out because the workplace and/or job was too stressful for them.

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Remember we are all human beings - admit that you do get stressed` and trun what some may see as a negative into a postive by demonstarting ways you 've handled stress in the past and therefore showing that you can handle it if you where hired for the job in question.

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