How Product Managers can successfully ride the storms of a commercial life.

Technology companies often go through good and bad times and even through the good times there will be situations which seek to hinder the personnel performance of Product Managers and Technologists. On occasions there will be situations and decisions that run against the grain of your feelings and the path you’ve laid out for yourself. Company issues: recruitment- either you can not hire the right staff, sudden change in direction that takes you unaware, technical environments not functioning and therefore hindering progress. Loss of an expected sale or even a sale man landing an unexpected deal that pushes a lot of last minute work your way with tight deadlines. And list goes on.

Here are seven tips to help product managers ride the companies storms: Have a roadmap for your self as well as your product and make sure your road map is flexible enough to incorporate changes and therefore capitalise opportunities should they arise.
#1. Develop the ability to hold two opposing views in your mind at one time and yet be able to come up with a third and even better view.
#2. Ensure you have a mentor and know when to ask for help.

#3. Be your own worst critic.

#4. Make sure you are constantly learning from your past experiences and the experiences of others.

#5. Keep your feet on the ground

#6. Be constantly learning and reading – this will help you act and re-act when unfamiliar situations occur.
#7. Make sure you have some fun activities outside of your commercial life.


  1. And then sometimes ask the team about what they think, not jut the client ;)

  2. I'm not sure I understand the context of your comment?