Interview with a Pure Product Manager

In this audio interview I speak with the author of the blog Purist Product Management: Aziz Musa. I had the opportunity to work with Aziz for a year at Reed Business Information and found him to be an inspirational and focussed product manager. During the interview I review Aziz’s:

  • academic and professional background before becoming a Product Manager;
  • his experiences at Last;
  • the strategic element of the job;
  • how best to interact with the customers;
  • the optimum number of products a typical Product Manager should manage;
  • how to keep up with the latest trends and technologies and
  • the top 3 attributes needed to enter the Product Management arena.


  1. Great interview! It was fun listening to the two of you bantering on product management.

  2. Just found your blog through a random retweet. Great resource! This is why I love the Internet :)

  3. Excellent - Wish I had come across this type of material a couple of years ago when I pondered about a PM move

  4. Could you please repost the file?

    I'd really like to listen, but it seems to be unavailable - even saving the mp3 directly doesn't work.
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Hey Francine,
    Sorry about the audio failure - I've re-embedded the audio via – hoe you enjoy.

  6. Awesome :)! Thank you, Derek!