How to Create Products Customers Love

Product Management View Webinar Series – Marty Cagan, of SVPG, presents “How to Create Products Customers Love. A webinar that is well worth half an hour of your time - where Marty highlights 10 Techniques for discovering products that are: valuable, usable and feasible - taken from his book inspired.

1# Make sure you know what problem you’re trying to solve and that it’s worth solving.
2# Create a product strategy so that you know what you are trying to solve – even if you’re using agile!
3# Create a prioritized set of product principles so you know the nature of the product you’re trying to build.
4# You simply won’t get great products by asking customers what they want – customers don’t know what’s possible – customers won’t know what they will like until they see it and use it. However this does not negate your responsibility to be close to your customers.
5# Don’t try you define /design by committee – empower the key three stakeholders: product manager (function/value) – user experience lead (form/usability) – engineering lead (technology/feasibility).
6# Realize that function (requirements) and form (design) are completely intertwined – forget the old waterfall model of “requirements followed by “design”.
7#If mostly what you do is race to add features, you’re probably: not actually improving the product - no really making a difference.
8# As important as the engineering is, the user experience design is even more important, and usually more difficult – make sure you have skilled user experience designers, especially interaction designers.
9# High-Fidelity Prototypes: gives you something realistic to test on users – force you to think through the product – illuminates the true product requirements – helps you narrow down to minimal product – communicates product to the team.
10# It’s all about trying out your ideas on real users – before you build anything – test with real target users and customers – test early and often, throughout discovery.
The book:
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  1. The link to the book should be absolute and not relative... Make sure to add the 'http://' prefix ;-)

    Otherwise, nice post!

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  4. I worked with Marty at eBay and this book is a really good real for those who deal with the ambiguous fringes of product management. Thumbs up!