What Product Managers could do differently in 2008.

What you would do differently in 2008

Harvard Business Review went out on the streets of Boston and interviewed a number of individual and asked what they would do differently next year. Listed below are the key points that managers in the Boston area said.

  • Stop procrastinating and be more efficient with their timelines.

  • Work harder

  • Work less

  • Be more assertive

  • Find a seconded career

  • Make use of their resources and go out and better understand the market and really relate to their clients

  • Balance work and home life – be more efficient at work

  • Work harder – work smarter and be more considerate with their clients

For me – my immediate aim for 2008 is to efficiently manage the constant flood of e-mails that consumes much of my working day. What’s yours?

The full video interview can be seen at 2008 workplace resolutions.

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  1. Have you considered that trying to manage your email might be part of the problem? Perhaps the focus of so much of your energy on email is distracting you from doing what is really important.

    For 2008, I am making an effort to focus on a single task at a time, rather than trying to juggle many at the same time. Part of that focus has been to let go of monitoring email on a minute-by-minute basis.