Calling all veteran, new and up and coming Product Managers

Welcome to my blog – I’ve thought about setting a blog up for some time – in fact I did set one up at the beginning of the year – started blogging – got real busy at work – didn’t make a post for several weeks and then found that it had gone! So I thought the next blog I start will be on a subject that I’m passionate about and will therefore be easy for me to keep up-to-date – so here it is my blog all about Product Management.

I’ve done Product Management in one form or another for several years for a few high tech companies that operate in areas such as: robotics & control systems, video signal processing equipment and now a worlds biggest B2B publishing company (as an on-line Product Manager).

I’m currently leading a small team of Product Managers and test analyst and am in the process of recruiting additional Product Management and test resource. So my blog will be a running commentary on issues, successes, failures, comparisons between industries lessons learned and anything else that can help those new to product management or those who want to move from one discipline into Product Management and those who have been doing it for sometime and what to share their experience with others.

I will consider this blog a success if it helps anyone improve their performance in their role as a Product Manager or to make the successful transition into Product Management.

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